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We remove plants from their growing trays, so you don't have to

The roots of most wetland plants are extremely aggressive.  Removing plants from growing trays at a job site can easily add 30% to installation labor, destroy plants, and add to cleanup costs.  So we do it for you!

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Every plant you get is top quality

Our strong, waterproof shipping bags protect the plants, maintain proper hydration, and make it easy to carry lots of plants around messy sites.  Just be sure to keep them out of the hot sun.


Even the labels on our bags make life easier

Our bag labels are color coded to show the best water level for the species inside, so your crew can tell at a glance which plant goes where. 

The labels show the scientific and common names (for inspector-types) and a 4 or 5 letter code for the rest of us. 

Plus, we can add custom information - such as the assigned location for the plants inside - at no charge, making it super simple to organize the installation.